Ladies and gentlemen, we think finally the time has come for our first compilation : in 8 months artists from all over the world have collaborated and helped us to create a unique style and philosophy around sound and visual media. The SCHNURSTRAX project now enters a new phase in its neverending race to development and by the way wants to thank everybody supporting us and spreading our music and ideas. With this sampler we want to emphasize on our main guidelines, reach a maximum of audience and realize a dream of many of us. The coverart is done by our friend and collaborator L0R3NT.

The SCHNURSTRAX Records 2007 Compilation

Curtains up for the tracklist :

01 JC + GK - Karma
02 The Chair Listener - A bit stupidity
03 Komparce - Hearing ulcer
04 @ (At Sign) - G V4
05 Company of Big Beats - d.mittens
06 The Tobacco Company - El pistolero
07 How Do You Get Your Inspiration ? - Ventolin grunge
08 Protecious - Vulture
09 Raftside - Another game
10 Onde Orange - Hipokamp / tanit d'astarte
11 Tvesla - Kaktus
12 sug(r)cane feat. baa rec - In between us
13 Fracture - Indigotin
14 Artaban - Melankonic
15 Airstrip One - Right or leftfield
16 Lezet - Annoyance 5
17 Cyclorama - It's music or die!

You can order this compilation by sending a mail including your physical address to the_strime[at]hotmail[dot]com. We'll post it to you and of course don't use the information for any other issues ! The price is 10euro or 14$.

Furthermore you can buy this sampler at the d:qliq music bar in Luxembourg-City (for further information go to : or at several events we're hosting. The price is still 10euro. Thanks for your patience and support.


Please join the underground movement "SAVE EXIT07 by SCHNURSTRAX" because the region around Luxembourg and its art scene need a livemusic bar with a cultural background and an ecclectic programmation. Thank you for your support !


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